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Those Guilty Creatures is a performance/producing collective, made up of Ryan Dobrin and Carina Goebelbecker. We are grounded in ensemble-based music and movement work and are dedicated to raising the volume on quieted voices. Previous projects include our revival of Dutchman, performed at Access Theater in November 2019, and our original devised piece She’s a Witch!, which premiered at The Tank in June 2019.

After going to high school together and studying devising, dance, and performance, Ryan and Carina went to separate colleges to solidify their love of theatre. Having reunited post-school, they found their separate educations complement their shared aesthetic. They are building a community of collaborators, equally as invested in sifting through hard conversations.

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Photo by Brandon Nick Artistic Direction by David Mendizábal


Ryan Dobrin is a queer & biracial director, producer, and collaborator. He is passionate about developing new music/movement-based work, and reinvigorating pre-existing work with radical interpretations. Ryan is the Associate Producing Artistic Leader with OBIE-Award winning The Movement Theatre Company and a Directing Fellow at Playwrights Horizons and Manhattan Theatre Club. He is an alumnus of the Artistic Fellowship at Ars Nova and the Directing Observership at the National Alliance for Musical Theatre. He has assisted directors Trip Cullman, Margot Bordelon, Shira Milikowsky, Seonjae Kim, Miranda Haymon, & Katherine Wilkinson.

Ryan is a graduate of Wesleyan University, where he double-majored in Theater and Italian Studies. He was the recipient of the Rachel Henderson Theater Prize and the Outreach & Community Service Prize in Theater. During his time at Wesleyan, he studied abroad in Bologna, Italy and Santiago, Chile. 


Photo by Cissy Shi


Carina Goebelbecker is a New York based performer, choreographer, and teaching artist. She is extremely passionate about storytelling and creating unique and accessible work that brings people together. She has performed in pieces at Greene Naftali Gallery, The Tank, and Access Theater, and has choreographed for the Columbia MFA Directing productions. Carina has collaborated on productions with The New York City Players (NYC and France Tour) and Mabou Mines. Carina's collaborative spirit has led her to be involved in the creation of immersive theater, devised theater, and original musicals and plays. Her love for theatre and dance has led her to performance opportunities around the world in France, Germany, and England. Carina is a volunteer at ASTEP, The 52nd Street Project, and CO/LAB. Carina graduated Cum Laude from Barnard College of Columbia University, where she received a degree in Theatre with an Acting Concentration. 


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Watch here

We wanted to capture the conflicting desire to continue collaborating and creating, while also accepting the reality that, at least for right now, we have to dance by ourselves. But then we decided -- why settle when technology is at our fingertips? So we called on our friends to help.

Thank you to everyone who shared videos of themselves spreading joy and celebration. Thank you to everyone who let us know that they weren't in a place to be dancing. We know this is a complicated and scary time for everyone, and this is our personal way of healing.

Remember, even though you may be isolating, you're not alone. We're only a video chat away from a dance party.  

Created by Those Guilty Creatures (Ryan Dobrin and Carina Goebelbecker)

Featuring Carina Goebelbecker

And our friends Simisola Akinola, Margaret Baughman, Britt Berke, Alex Branam, Soleil Ray Browne, Xander Browne, Caroline Festa, Hope French, Karen French, Cade Huseby, Parker Huseby, Ryan Kane, Kimo Kepano, Natalia Lee, Becca Light Rake, Talia Light Rake, Henry Lombino, Julia Newitt, Tolulope Ojo, Kimberly Sears, Molly Shea, Sim Yan Ying, Ashley Hope Villanueva, Alina Whatley, and Chloé Lexia Worthington.


A Black man named Clay rides the subway alone late at night. He is approached by Lula, a young white woman who seems to know everything about him. As the two travel through the night, Lula's charged conversation with Clay slowly reveals a troubling undercurrent to their meeting. Suddenly, Clay’s perilous existence as a Black man in a white-dominated society becomes impossible to ignore. This production of Dutchman asked questions about Black masculinity, comments that ring even more offensive in today’s culture, and observing a horror in a public space while having a phone to escape into, especially when so many tragedies are constantly at our fingertips and in our neighborhoods. When does ignoring a horror turn into being responsible for it?

By Amiri Baraka

Director: Ryan Dobrin
Production Stage Manager: Emily Bubeck
Lead Producer: Henry Lombino
Associate Producers: Those Guilty Creatures (Ryan Dobrin & Carina Goebelbecker) and Keyonne Session
Consulting Producer: Cynthia Tong
Costume & Set Design: Tekla Monson

Light Design: Zack Lobel
Sound Design: Connor Wang
Props Design: Emily Zimmerman
Dramaturgy: Bisa McDuffie-Thurmond
Fight Choreography: Carina Goebelbecker
Marketing Director: Kimberly Sears

Ensemble: Xander Browne, Tim Creavin, Zora Iman Crews, Sierra Berkeley Fisher, Hope French, Carina Goebelbecker, Keyonne Session

November 2019, Access Theater

Photos Courtesy of Rafael X


The act of witch-hunting and demonization is a time-tested practice to diminish women and their feelings, opinions, and sense-of-self. She's A Witch! explores what is to exist in a society that automatically wants to put you down, while discovering how to still thrive. Through repeated attempts at spell-casting as an act of defiance, the performers dig deeper and deeper to understand what forms of magic will make the world an easier place to exist.

Created by Those Guilty Creatures (Ryan Dobrin & Carina Goebelbecker) and Ensemble

Director: Ryan Dobrin
Choreographer: Carina Goebelbecker
Stage Manager: Zoë Kaplan
Set, Costume, & Props Design: Tekla Monson

Light Design: Zack Lobel
Sound Design: Gabriel Drozdov
Marketing Consultant: Kimberly Sears

Ensemble: Carina Goebelbecker, Sim Yan Ying, Chloé Lexia Worthington

June 2019, The Tank; November 2019, Friends Academy

Photos Courtesy of Jejomar Erln Ysit

Home: Meet the Team


The Homiesexuals a social media tragedy

Those Guilty Creatures are currently in the process of producing the short film, The Homiesexuals a social media tragedy. This project is an experiential and ensemble-based short film made to viewed on a phone that explores the avalanche of online discourse and nuanced activism through TikToks, Facetimes, comments sections, and the myriad of other internet informational screentimes that have been our source of connection in 2020/2021. When Tripp, an attractive and queer-presenting TikTok-er is attacked in a possible hate crime, the internet reaction grows from supportive to increasingly hostile conversation from queerbaiting and straight male worship towards cancel culture and Gen Z activistism. Never focusing on a single character or video for more than a few minutes, the film will zoom through dozens of reactions, conversations, and personal reflections, told entirely through distantly-recorded phone-based apps and videos.

Production Team

 screenwriter - Gage Tarlton
director - Ryan Dobrin 

producers - Those Guilty Creatures (Carina Goebelbecker & Ryan Dobrin), Ryan Kane, & Gage Tarlton

digital designer & editor - Zack Lobel

dramaturg - Melory Mirashrafi 

composer & sound designer - Heath Saunders 

choreographer - Pauline Lamb
Cast - 45+ performers

Eat Your Heart

We are developing our next devised piece tentatively titled Eat Your Heart. We are exploring the idea of compartmentalization, emotional suppression and catharsis, and outward versus inward presentation. Utilizing the Greek tragedy format as a template, we are devising a piece that explores the ways we carry this weight in our lives. 

Photo by Jen Coleman
Photo by Sammy Slabbinck
Photo by Shvetle
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